Erica Krysl

Erica Krysl

My name is Erica Krysl, I was born and raised in Wyoming, but am currently living in Colorful Colorado!

I love learning the stories behind each person I photograph, and in turn being able to tell it through my own lens.

My father taught me to use a camera at a fairly young age. I remember being so excited about how it made me feel to look back at photos once they were developed. Now, with digital media, I get to do that immediately. I love getting to capture and share that feeling with others.

I love photography because it's something that can be social, or something you can do yourself. It can capture emotions, movement, give people a memento of their memories. It can be used to capture nature, animals, humans, to give someone a felling, or tell a story. It can be static or lively.

You always hear people saying that they photograph to capture memories, and we'd all be lying if we didn't say that. Because that's what photography is. For me it's not simply that. Not only do photos serve as memories, but they also serve as a way to perceive the world. Photos can be styled to portray a certain world view or perspective. I love the challenge of telling a story in an authentic way.

And I would love to be the one to do that for you!